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What is the fuzz equivalent in Imagick PHP Gif optimization?


I have a question on how to compress GIF to be smaller with Imagick PHP. Main issue is how to have it resample its color map to be smaller and generally add more compression.

Multiple guides for imagick sucggest using "-fuzz", but I have not seen any reference what the corresponding ImagickPHP method may be or if it is not implemented.


My Answer:
the `quantizeImage` method to reduce the number of colors in the GIF image, which can help reduce file size. Additionally, you can use the `setImageCompression` and `setImageCompressionQuality` methods to further optimize the compression of the GIF image.

Here is an example code snippet that demonstrates how to optimize a GIF image using Imagick PHP:

// Load the GIF image
$image = new Imagick('input.gif');

// Reduce the number of colors in the image
$image->quantizeImage(256, Imagick::COLORSPACE_RGB, 0, false, false);

// Set the compression type and quality

// Write the optimized GIF image to a new file

// Clear memory

You can adjust the parameters of the `quantizeImage` method and the compression settings to achieve the desired level of optimization for your GIF image.

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