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xlsx - php XLSXWriter - links only appearing sometimes?


I am working with XLSXWriter -

When I am creating links, I am writing it like:
=HYPERLINK("%s", "%s")',$url,$value

When I view the resulting file in google sheets, I get a wee link like this:
A cell containing the letter A, it is underlined and blue.

Explicitly a link, blue underline, I didn't have to do any styling to get it looking like this.

However, in excel and libreoffice, This just looks like text.
I can control click it and it works like a link, the cell value has the hyperlink format in it, but it just looks like a regular letter in the cell.
Regular letter A - no format

Is there a parameter I'm missing? a style I need to apply? This is an issue that others are seeing when they download this xlsx file - it needs to be obvious it is a link to the users. What am I missing to make this link explicit always, not sometimes?

My Answer:
"", "Click here")_

However, I have noticed that the links only appear sometimes in the generated Excel file. Is there a specific reason for this behavior?

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