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arrays - PHP: list() set variables dynamically form string (read any CSV file as formatted order)


Can I set variables names as csv title (first line)?

I do think it, so I code this:

$string = "date, name, age"; // csv file title order format
$tit = explode(", ", $string); //array('date', 'name', 'age'); //will be called: $_date

//run php function to find a specific line
$arr = array('bash', 'monkey', 'badger'); //returned line
foreach ($tit as $i => $nam) {
$e = "_" . $nam;
$$e = $arr[$i];
//set variables contents as title name
echo $_name; //monkey

Works perfectly: Try it

But how to turn it into PHP function?

function toList ($tit,$arr) {
foreach ($tit as $i => $nam) {
$e = "_" . $nam;
$$e = $arr[$i];

$tit = array('date', 'name', 'age'); //will be called as: $_date
$arr = array('bash', 'monkey', 'badger');


echo $_date;

As function, code breaks.

How should code it to Php function works?

My Answer:
"Name,Age,Location\nJohn,25,New York\nJane,30,Los Angeles";

// Convert string to array
$data = explode("\n", $string);

// Get the titles from the first line
$titles = explode(",", $data[0]);

// Remove the first line from the data array

// Loop through the data array and set variables dynamically
foreach ($data as $row) {
$values = explode(",", $row);
$row_data = array_combine($titles, $values);

// Set variables dynamically
foreach ($row_data as $key => $value) {
$$key = $value;

// Now you can access the variables with the csv titles
echo "Name: $Name, Age: $Age, Location: $Location\n";

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