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php - Laravel 8 Jetstream Login Not Authenticating and Redirecting to Dashboard


I am using Laravel 8 with Jetstream. I am also using Envoyer and Forge.

In my local setup, I can register, login and reset password. But in production, I can only register. When I register, I get an email with a verification link that takes me back to the login screen, but when I enter my credentials, it seems as if it does a refresh and clears my login form. I know that it's hitting the database, because if I enter wrong credentials, I get a validation error. I turned debug on, but there are no errors. The logs say No application encryption key has been specified. but they are specified. I have restarted my server, cleared all caches--I am completely stumped.

I have a dozen Laravel apps running and this is the first time this has happened. Any ideas?

My Answer:
It sounds like you may be experiencing an issue with session management or authentication in your production environment. Here are a few things you can try to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

1. Check your session configuration in your `config/session.php` file. Make sure that the `driver` is set to `database` or `redis` and that the `lifetime` is set to a reasonable value.

2. Verify that your `.env` file in your production environment has the correct values for `SESSION_DRIVER` and `SESSION_LIFETIME`.

3. Check your `config/auth.php` file to ensure that the `providers` and `guards` are set up correctly. Make sure that the `users` provider is using the `eloquent` driver.

4. Verify that your database connection is working correctly in your production environment. Check your `.env` file to ensure that the database credentials are correct.

5. If you are using Envoyer and Forge, make sure that your deployment scripts are running correctly and that all necessary files and configurations are being deployed to your production environment.

6. Try running `php artisan config:cache` and `php artisan route:cache` in your production environment to clear and re-cache your configuration and routes.

7. If you are still experiencing issues, try disabling Jetstream temporarily to see if the issue is related to the package. You can do this by removing the Jetstream service provider from your `config/app.php` file.

If none of these steps resolve the issue, you may want to consider reaching out to the Laravel community or Jetstream support for further assistance.

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